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2024 Samsung Process Technology Roadmap

Will TSMC Really Fall Behind Intel and Samsung?

Second prize is a set of steak knives

Samsung Foundry recently disclosed its process-technology roadmap, and Intel revealed details of the Intel 3 process used to produce the new Xeon 6 chip. Both companies seek to unseat TSMC as the technology leader.

If being the first to deploy a new technology makes one a leader, then Samsung is now the leader, having GAA transistors in production. Intel will overtake the company real soon now when 20A enters production, employing both GAA FETs and backside power. TSMC will deliver these technologies last among the three.

Nobody, however, considers TSMC to be anything but the leader. That could change in the next few years, but manufacturing leadership means more than rolling out new technologies. Yield is paramount, joining actual transistor density, power, and speed plus the ability to ramp up production volumes.

Moreover, customer service in this area, despite semiconductor fabrication being far from a consumer activity, is also important. In my limited and indirect experience with three major foundries, TSMC was the most forthright and easiest to deal with. If Intel can match or exceed TSMC’s service, then it will at least win silver in the foundry competition, even if the Intel 5N4Y plan slips its schedule.




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