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  • Ceva NeuPro Nano Brings AI to Low-Cost SoCs

    Ceva NeuPro Nano block diagram

    The Ceva NeuPro Nano is a licensable NPU for low-cost consumer and industrial chips requiring accelerated AI processing. continue reading

  • SiFive Improves Power, Performance, and Interfacing

    SiFive logo

    SiFive is updating its Essential cores. This licensable RISC-V family targets control functions, and the fastest models perform similarly to Arm’s Cortex-R82 and Cortex-A72. Already offering compact, low-cost CPUs, cores with wide vector units, and high-throughput application-processing CPUs, SiFive has no need to expand its portfolio. However, periodic refreshes of existing designs can fix bugs,… continue reading

  • TikTok to Try to Turn from AI Titan Nvidia

    ByteDance logo

    TikTok parent ByteDance is developing an AI accelerator (NPU) according to Reuters. Working with ASIC supplier Broadcom to circumvent restrictions intended to keep advanced technology from Chinese companies, such as TSMC’s process technology and Nvidia’s fastest GPUs. Even without the restrictions, large companies with AI expertise have sought to reduce their dependence on merchant chip… continue reading

  • Qualcomm Adreno X1 GPU Performs Well, Reduces Power

    turn on images in email to see QCOM Adreno block diagram

    Borrowing smartphone-GPU power-saving tech but cranking up the GHz, the Qualcomm Adreno X1 GPU should deliver adequate Windows-on-Arm laptop gaming frame rates. Qualcomm is continually testing games and updating its GPU drivers to improve users’ experience. While third-party benchmarks are needed to understand how good the GPU is, they should be viewed in the context… continue reading

  • Qualcomm’s Oryon CPU Challenges x86 But How Does It Stack Up Against the Arm Cortex-X925?

    Simple Oryon block diagram

    Qualcomm’s Oryon CPU promises high performance and low power consumption, aiming to rival Intel and AMD in Windows laptops. The Arm Cortex-X925 will challenge Qualcomm’s compatible design, however, by clocking as fast and implementing a wider microarchitecture. continue reading

  • Will TSMC Really Fall Behind Intel and Samsung?

    2024 Samsung Process Technology Roadmap

    Samsung claims a first-mover advantage with GAA transistors, while Intel plans to overtake it by being the first to combine GAA and backside power. The open question is whether either company can deliver the production volume and best yields, power, speed, and density or match TSMC’s customer service. continue reading

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